Jartse Tuominen: Black and Blue

Tango is the Finnish blues

A wet snow was falling from a gray sky when Jartse Tuominen was driving his van down the highway from Tampere to Helsinki. His friend was listening the live-recorded tapes Jartse had brought from San Antonio, Texas, where he had been performing with some local musicians. The virtuoso Finnish guitarist had learned to play his instrument only at the age of four, but still thought that there was something to improve. Especially in blues. And the way to do it, is go where they knew how to do it. Tango is the Finnish blues, said his friend. Well, would blues be the American tango? That was the point of no return. With no doubt in their minds a respectable collection of the Finnish classic tangos was compiled, including composers such as Toivo Kärki and Unto Mononen, and original lyrics written by Reino Helismaa and Juha Vainio, just a few to mention. Jartse brought these songs to San Antonio, gathered together some great musicians to C.A.M. Recording Studios including the legendary Augie Meyers, and the sessions begun. And didn´t usually end until the break of dawn... With the powerful voice of Clyneese Folsom all pieces seemed to go to the right places. This Black & Blue CD will have its place in the music history. Have a good seat, relax and please... listen...

Clynesee Folsom: vocals
Clay Meyers: Drums, percussion
Augie Meyers: Organ, piano on Wonderland
Randy Reinhard: Piano
Gerald Burns: Bass, acoustic bass
Jack Barber: Bass on Wonderland
Al Gomez: Trumpet, flugahorn
Louie Bustos: Tenor sax, baritone sax
Jartse Tuominen: Guitars, bass and organ on Lilywhite, accordion on Starlight Night

Black & Blue Jartse Tuominen featuring Clyneese Folsom NORTH 011 P
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  Black and Blue
1. My Heart is Black and Blue   
    - Siks' oon mä suruinen -
2.  This Little Heart of Mine   
    - Pieni sydän -
3.  Lilywhite   
    - Liljankukka -
4.  Lonely Moon   
    - Täysikuu -
5.  Rose of New Orleans   
    - Kotkan ruusu -
6.  Love Me or Leave Me   
    - Rakasta, kärsi ja unhoita -
7.  Wonderland   
    - Satumaa -
8.  You Are a Part of Everything    
    - Sä kuulut päivään jokaiseen
9.  Starlight Night   
    - Tähdet meren yllä -

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