Jartse Tuominen: Northern Lights

It took a long time to build this CD, but the result is worth
waiting. Originally Jartse Tuominen, our finnish guitar virtuoso, started it almost a decade ago gathering together the best fellow musicians in the country. The word of the sessions  spread around and more and more of talented music makers wanted to take part in this project, that was to become something unique. The melodies from Jartse's guitar lived  on while the long and winding road led him to various parts of the world - and back again to the hot prairies of Texas.

But not until February 2001 the songs got their ultimate form.

Far away up in the north, in the freezing mountain sceneries of Lapland, took place the sixth Ylläs Jazz Blues festival. Under a dark blue sky a dipper was diving in an ice cold mountain brook, when suddenly majestic Northern lights appeared in the nocturne. With the lights dancing in the velvet night the incredible incidence felt to be someting unreal. Can you hear Jartse playing with the Northern lights?

Annica Wiklund: Vocals 2, 6, 10
Hannu Leiden: Vocals 4, 6, 9
Timo Rainio: Vocals 3, 8
Ila Loueranta: Vocals 7
Jartse Tuominen: Guitars
Anssi Nykänen: Drums
Juuso Nordlund: Bass
Mikko Rintanen: Keyboards
T.T. Oksala: Keyboards on Inca Princess
Tomi Pietilä: Drums on Ghost of Love
Otto Hallamaa: B-3 on Miracle Man
Atte Sarpila: Drums on Inca Princess
Pekka Torikka: Bass on Ghost of Love
Petri Nieminen: Sax on Never Enough
J-P Järvinen: Programming
Background vocals: Kikka Laitinen,
Sami Ruusukallio and Harri Rantanen

Northern Lights Jartse Tuominen NORTH 012 P Pohjoinen & Etelä Media Company Oy

Northern Lights

1. Introducing - Instrumental
2. Ghost of Love - Annica Wiklund
3. Over - Timo Rainio
4. Inca Princess - Hannu Leiden
5. The Loner - Instrumental
6. Hearts on Parole - Annica Wiklund & Hannu Leiden
7. Never Enough - Ila Loueranta
8. On the Other Side - Timo Rainio
9. Miracle Man - Hannu Leiden
10. Love Me, Hate Me - Annica Wiklund
11. Northern Lights - Instrumental

All songs composed and arranged by
Jartse Tuominen © North & South
except The Loner by Gary Moore © 10 Records 

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