Jartse Tuominen: Progressive


This CD was originally recorded in 1991.
Now, ten years later, a US edition of it has finally been released when - sad to say- the band no longer exists. But luckily Jartse himself is still going strong and building his career in San Antonio, Texas.

The finest of all guitar band forms is the trio form. Jimi Hendrix knew it, Ginger Baker knew it, Sting knew it, Jack Bruce knew it and it is also understood by the Jartse Tuominen Group from Tampere, Finland, Europe. Piano players and flute blowers would only be on the way when the Jartse Tuominen Group turns the knobs to the north-east. That is when the band is in the free-way mood and the gong (model King Kong) starts to strip the paint off the ceilings of the respective gig joint.

Jartse Tuominen Group is not a very young band. It was established originally in 1988, although the first LP wasn't published until 1996. The band members have played together for a couple of years and made an odd gig every now and then, just to take more music lovers by surprise. So far every gig has turned into a legend. The members of the band have the usual problem - they have difficulties in trying to find time for the Jartse Tuominen Group to make their favourite music, as they are very popular musicians and often asked to play in other bands, too.

How to describe their music then? Well, let's assume that Cobham, Gadd, Steve Vai, Di Meola, Steve Morse, Sheehan and Jaco would attend a Jartse Tuominen Group gig in the audience seats. They would certainly recognize their own music, but they wouldn't be able to keep their butts on the bench. The partying aspect of the Jartse Tuominen Group gigs is such an overwhelming experience. "Who composed the music" -question would be left in the background if those big musicmen would see and hear  Jartse's
Group perform on stage. Jartse Tuominen Group is a HYPERACTIVE trio in their own destinctive style. In case Finnish musicians are going to conquere the world, Jartse Tuominen Group is the only one in question!

"A band without a gong is no band." (An ancient saying from Töysä, Finland, from year 1257.)

2.Flying With You
6.One Night in Tokyo
7.Shaving Cream Man


 Colo, Gong, Matti and Jartse with meaningful smiles!
Colo, Gong, Matti and Jartse with meaningful smiles!

Matti Takala - drums
- Much more than just a lot of drumming!

Colo - bass
- Cruel bass playing to rip off your goolies!

Jartse Tuominen - guitar
- So much guitar playing that it should last a lifetime! 

Jartse Tuominen (g) still remembers how it all started:

"I met Matti (d) in the JJ-studio's building site when I was constructing the wall of the studio. Matti worked as my handiman. We talked about many things as we were building the wall brick by brick. It came up in the conversation that both of us would like to play some special stuff and improvised tunes, so that no-one would guess what would happen next. At first we played for our own amusement but then someone asked us to play at a local stage called Tullikamari. The audience really liked us and we started to do more gigs. As the first bass player, Kilroy Koskimies, also heard on the record, moved to London, we had to find a new one. Well, I bumped into Colo in a bar and he seemed keen on playing with us. He came to the next training session and immediately we played together like in a fierce fit. He stayed in the band."

Free translation from Finnish to English by Marketta Uotila. 

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